Our Service to You

Whether you're a major player in the industry or a small company, we will provide detailed, organised electrical and/or mechanical estimates and cost engineering information , that will exceed your expectations. Having worked in the M&E industry for over 30 years' both on-site and off-site, we have covered most types of projects, large and small. We’ll work on any projects except domestic residential dwellings. Some of the sectors and project types are listed below:-

  • Commercial – Office Developments, Student Accommodation, Fit-outs etc
  • Industrial – Factories, Warehouses, Distribution Centres etc
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Health Centres, Care Homes etc
  • Retail – Supermarkets, Department Stores etc
  • Leisure – Hotels, Sports, Health & Fitness Centres, Swimming Pools etc
  • Food & Drinks – Food Processing, Distilleries etc
  • Custodial – Prisons, Secure Units, Police Offices etc
  • Infrastructure – Airports, Railway Stations, Bridges etc
  • Specialist – MOD, Energy Generation, Petro-chemical, Pharmaceutical

If your project type is not listed in the above examples please speak to us as these are only a guide to the common areas we are experienced in.

Consulting & Enquiry Review

We always put our focus on our customers. We want you to find the service that perfectly suits your needs, which is why we offer comprehensive consulting services to help you make an informed decision. We can meet with you to review tender or construction documentation and develop an appropriate strategy together  or we can review it alone and provide a report and advise on what we believe will be the best solution to meet your objectives. In our market, one size definitely does not fit all and our aim is that you are completely satisfied with our services. That’s why we not only provide professional advice before you order, we are also there to help you afterwards, serving as reliable support mechanism, should you require any other services we can offer.

Electrical & Mechanical Estimating

Estimating is both an art and a science however we have been providing estimates for many years and our finger is definitely on the pulse of the industry and the Scottish market. You may need some assistance on estimating a project, or need to supplement your estimating team during high volume cycles. Maybe you need to concentrate solely on the projects you already have, but understand the importance of bidding on new work. We can be the right solution for your business because we are flexible, we can provide a full bid tendering service (with follow-up) or simply a robust set of estimate net costs on excel spreadsheets with full breakdowns supported by supplier quotes. We are  not interrupted by delivering projects and installations ourselves, allowing us the time to focus on costs and deliver better results.

Cost & Value Engineering

Cost engineering can help maximise profits by setting targets at the start of a project and cost control procedures throughout the period on site. Value Engineering is often mistaken as a cost saving exercise but it's a different process entirely. Removing elements of a bid or utilising cheaper like for like products is a cost saving exercise, but you need to understand the clients requirements, design intent and specified systems before VE options are established. We are regularly involved in VE which can help give our customers a better chance of winning the work. It normally means offering better performing products which can reduce required output/quantities. Adding value can sometimes cost more at the outset, but if the end value exceeds this additional cost, it can often be the difference between success and failure. 

Bespoke MTO & BOQ Services

Producing detailed material-take-off's and bills of quantity can be very time consuming. More so if the Client has a preferred cost breakdown structure. A standard tender summary by element is fastest and easiest to produce but Clients often require more detailed information. Common examples such as breakdowns or bills by building, by floor level or further still by areas on each floor level, all of which will add time to create a logical summary or bill. Electrical and/or Mechanical Contractors may prefer to price the job themselves but do not have the time to produce detailed MTO's or BOQs. Main contractors may desire fully detailed bills to ensure their supply chain price on a like for like basis giving them more transparency to negotiate. Professional QS's may not have the M&E expertise to interpret the specifications and schematics which must be read in conjunction with the layout drawings to produce an accurate bill of quantities.

Change Control and Costing

The change control process in any project should ensure that each change proposed during a project is adequately defined, reviewed and approved before implementation. The change control process helps avoid unnecessary changes that might disrupt services and also ensures the efficient use of resources. In reality, the electrical and mechanical changes can often be an after-thought which only becomes known to the contractor when revised drawings are received. Most contracts dictate the installation should be completed in accordance with the latest drawings, therefore managing the changes and ensuring costs are submitted in a timely manner is paramount to avoid disputes over variations and ensure payment. We can provide a full service of documenting and costing each change to assist your commercial department ensuring that the costs associated with these changes are applied for, at the earliest possible time allowing your site team to focus on getting the job done.

Training & Staff Development

We can offer industry-relevant training programs and workshops tailored to suit your needs. We have many years of experience in our specialist areas and enjoy sharing this expert knowledge with students and trainee's. Courses are aimed at Individuals working within the electrical and mechanical contracting industry who wish to understand the basic steps of estimating works from tender and construction documents and drawings issued by clients, design teams and main contractors. Through a workshop style format, candidates will explore the basics of how to; Assess tender packages and filter documentation, Evaluate tender drawings and specs, Formulate and issue RFIs, create MTO’s, Issue quote requests to supply chain, Evaluate quotes, Create an estimate breakdown format, Input costs, Allocate labour hours to works and input to the estimate, Assign mark-ups and labour rates to the estimate, Document estimate clarifications and qualification notes and finally compile a tender letter. 

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